Why Candle Quality Matters

You don't burn a candle to feel indifferent.  When you light one, you expect to be transported. You want to visit a tropical oasis, get lost in a flower garden or relax into cool linens. The only problem? You can't take a mental vacation with a poor-quality candle. 

When you settle for cheap knockoffs, usually made in China or machine made in minutes, you'll find, over time, that you get what you pay for. Those great-smelling candles at the big box store may lure you in, but what you're smelling are boosted fragrance "toppers", meant to pique your interest but fade after a few uses.  Luxury candles, on the other hand, offer the escape you crave and deserve. While they may cost a little more at the onset, they're longer-lasting and fully fragrant, making them worth the investment. Today, we're taking a look at a few reasons why candle quality matters. Ready to learn more? Let's go! 

Luxury Candles Contain NO Fillers

luxury candles should contain no fillers in the scent and should be based on essential oils

Would you buy a shirt that only had one sleeve or a pair of jeans with only one leg? If not, why would you settle for a candle that was only half fragrant?  Many commercial candles contain either a scent core or a fragrance filler. The former is a tall, slender scented candle centered inside of a larger, unscented one. Once the core burns away, you're left scrambling for the scent you once loved.  Other companies will utilize a fragrance filler to win your business. Have you ever noticed that a candle smells great at the store, but that knockout scent fades after three or four uses? That's because some candle makers, noticing that the first layer of wax sinks when it cools, add another, more fragrant layer of wax in the middle to level it out. You haven't gone nose-blind; you've burned off that second layer scent spike.

On the other hand, luxury candle brands are synonymous with quality. You should find little to ZERO diluents, dyes or fillers in such candles and only the highest-quality ingredients. When you choose UnEarthed candles®, you're also getting access to our Advanced Fragrance Technology™ , which ensures you'll enjoy the same incredible scent up until the final burn.  

Designer Candles Boast a High ROI

light one of those votives, jar candles or pillars tonight and notice how quickly and unevenly it burns

Yes, you may be able to find scores of "luxury"-looking candles for pennies on the dollar. However, light one of those votives, jar candles or pillars tonight and notice how quickly and unevenly it burns. How many drugstore varieties do you have that look like a mountain slope after one use?  Then, take a look at the obscene amount of soot it produces.  If you're using your candle as home decor, you don't want the surface marred by black specks and/or films and you want customers to return.

This is where the value of high-end candles becomes apparent.  While they may come at a higher price point, you'll find that over time, they offer a greater return on your investment. This is because they burn at an even and slow pace down the sides of the jar. They also produce a clean-burning flame with every use as long as you keep the wicks trimmed. 

Scents That Span 1,000-4,000 Square Ft.

why cant I smell my candle after burning it for about a week

If you have to put your nose near the flame to determine the scent, it's time for an upgrade. Are you used to placing a different candle in every room of your house because their coverage area is so short?  The candles in our collections can provide scents that span 1,000 to 4,000 square feet of your home. One is often enough to envelope your whole property in a perfume-quality aroma. The best part? If you're sensitive to smells or prefer a less potent blend, you can find it here, too. Our trademarked Fragrance Scoring Scale ranks the fragrance potency of every candle we offer. While most scale up to a 10, we do provide candles and sprays that fall in the 6 to 7 range.  (For more information on fragrance scoring, simply check product descriptions)

Still, these rank higher than most options in the standard scented candle market, which tend to hover between 0 and 5. The bottom line? You'll never second-guess the scents our candles deliver.  From fresh and warm to masculine and earthen, we deliver it all to the highest degree.

Trade Secrets

Be careful what you select to burn in your house.  Some candles can become toxic

Wondering if that pineapple candle you paid a few bucks for is all-natural? Curious about the individual notes of the cheap mocha tea light in your kitchen? You'll be hard-pressed to find that insight from most brands.   That's because most are made overseas, using synthetic materials that offer a low-grade burn and a scent that fades in seconds.  Yet, when you buy a luxury candle, there's no detail spared or hidden. Consider the "Lux Collection", for instance. With each purchase, you'll also receive a fine-fragrance card that includes a list of its top, mid, and base notes, along with information on the candle's background and development process.  Why? Because these brands have nothing to hide and everything to share. 

Light Premium Candles & Transform Your Home

Luxury candles aren't out to fool you, featuring pretty packaging but not much else. Rather, they're meant to enhance the very foundation of your home. With their deep, rich fragrances that permeate from room to room, naturalistic wax blends, and top-shelf ingredients, you can feel good every time you burn one. 

Do yourself a favor and stop settling for the inexpensive alternatives. Lighting a candle is a luxury in and of itself and you shouldn't have to settle for anything less than complete indulgence.

Own a retail establishment? Contact us today to learn more about what sets our candles apart from the rest. You need a candle that shines as bright and bold as you, and we're here to deliver it.